Asakusa Kagetsudo sister store opened

Asakusa Hanashido sister store, new opening
【Edo Tonboshi】 Specialty store
“Tonbo Ball Miharu”

· · Original Edo Tonbo ball to memories of the trip · · ·

Tonbo ball experience classroom in session! !

For customers without time
30 minutes Course 1500 yen (Made with Tonbo ball 1 piece)

60 minutes course 2500 yen (3 Tonbo balls produced)

March 22 Asakusa Hanashido sister store “Edo Tonbot Jade” specialty store opened.
We are preparing parts, Japanese miscellaneous goods, experience class from the original Tonbosu ball.

In addition, we have various kinds of Japanese style tempered balls unique to Asakusa that we only get here.
Please drop in by all means to memories of your trip.

Edo Tonbo ball specialty shop “Tonboshi Miharu”
1-32-14 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-3843-6571 (For inquiries about experiential classroom also from here)